Dreamdeer's Mandalas

Dream-inspired geometric mosaic mandala designs, available as fine art prints, ceramic accent tiles, collectible greeting cards, and custom media.

Rose Garden Twilight

Artist Dolores J. Nurss — also known as "Dreamdeer" — creates inspiring designs that express historical, literary and nature concepts in the abstract purity of pattern and color.

"Every society has developed mandala motifs, in everything from decorations to religious symbols, to the point where they have won recognition as a major archetype, representing wholeness and a host of good things that go with that," she writes.

Dolores J. Nurss, headshot

"Mystics and madmen have been known to make mandalas compulsively. Regular people can find comfort in the sense of balance and centering that they provide."

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"In 'Novatierre', a world I have dreamed of since childhood, a country exists named Naugren. They decorate their buildings with square or diamond mandala tiles made from smaller triangular tiles in families of sixteen each."

"The process in which I make the mandalas involves a collaboration between chance and choice, and then contemplation of the result to understand and name it. I have not copied any specific design from a dream, but I have made all of these in the 'Naugrenic' style."

"Although it appears, at first glance, to combine sets of sixteen identical triangle-tiles each, closer examination will show that every triangle is in fact unique."

"Nor are they precisely placed in relation to each other, as one could mass-produce with a kaleidoscope program, but laid down individually to create a handmade effect."

"You will also observe that the design changes, depending on whether you look at it close up or from a distance."

"Just as both sides of the Yinyang symbol need a dot of the other, just as a cake needs a pinch of salt, so minimalism and similar modern styles need a balancing touch of color and/or intricacy, lest the brain suffer stress from lack of stimuli."

"A touch of ornamentation here and there signals us that we don’t merely have what we need, but also a bit of what we want — a reminder that we are not just surviving, but thriving."